Private Couples Retreats


Exclusive Private Couples Immersion Retreat

A private two/three day immersion retreat at a location of your choice, designed to resolve issues of trust, revitalize connection, and move the relationship to the next level. Permanently change counterproductive patterns of thought and behavior with our innovative tools and exercise, and personal post-course follow-up is available via phone, email, and text.

Immersion Retreats are designed for couples who want an intensive, condensed and highly focused approach to relationship issues that can quickly help couples move through specific challenges and learn important new skills in a short period of time.

What to expect

Receive personalized attention from the facilitator with a focus to heal issues, enhance, and restore quality to your relationship.
During the retreat, you will learn skills to:
• Understand yourself and see what you bring to the relationship
• Get a deeper understanding of your partner dynamic
• Break down emotional barriers and revive your intimacy
• Get over painful experiences (unfaithfulness, emotional wounds, etc.)
• Recognize unhealthy relationship dynamics and transform them into positive ones
• Create a space where trust, love and intimacy can thrive with an open-hearted connection.
The retreats include lessons, role-plays, discussions, guided imagery journeys, and exercises in a private setting.

Time will be spent working out issues both individually and as a couple

During this exclusive couples retreat, Palika Trudeau will work with you individually and together as a couple. She will assist each with their individual personal challenges, anxieties, stresses, etc. as well as address the relationship issues.


All sessions are highly confidential.

Follow up

After the retreat Palika Trudeau can be contacted via text, phone, and Video conference (Skype) for follow up sessions at an additional fee to support, implement changes, and help navigate challenging moments as they arise.


Our private couple retreat gives you customized individual support for your unique situation that will ultimately leave you with the tools to experience a fulfilling, high quality relationship.


Your 2 1/2 day Couples Immersion Retreat can be held at any private retreat location of your choice, including your private residence or vacation home. I will fly to you.

If you are interested in learning more or booking your Private Couples Retreat  please contact:

Palika Trudeau, M.A.




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