Damage control services

Precognitive Personal Damage Prevention

We support high profile corporate leaders, families and individuals avoid the P.R. crisis.

 Corporate Relationship Intervention

A private intervention designed to resolve complex unproductive dynamics and create harmony with CEO’s, BODs, Exec staff, etc.

Private Couples Retreat

A private three day immersion designed to resolve issues of trust, revitalize connection, and move the relationship to the next level.  Permanently change counterproductive patterns of thought and behavior with our innovative tools and exercise, and personal post-retreat follow-up via phone, email, and text.

Executive Support Services

A six month support consulting engagement designed to enhance focus and performance as well as avert executive burnout by identifying and reducing or eliminating stressors and personal issues.  Align with your life goals and reignite your creativity.  Support is also provided for family members as needed, in recognition of the impact that sustaining a demanding high-level career can have on spouse and children.

Family Legacy

A multi-faceted intervention to resolve and heal complex family issues.  Create a family legacy of harmonious relationships and mutual support among family members for generations.  Consulting and tools for permanent change are provided to individual family members, and to the family as a whole.


To learn more or schedule a consultation please contact:


Palika Trudeau, M.A.



“Investing in the best advisors is key to our success formula. Palika is a gifted relationship advisor.
She is dedicated, trustworthy, resolves our conflicts with incredible grace and ease. A true blessing to have her dedicated support in real-time whenever we need her.”
–  Owner of sports team

“Palika’s strategic guidance, including determining where and how to compromise and setting comfortable boundaries, resulted in everyone being fully heard and respected.”
–  S.F., Family legacy client


palika_0113-12 Consultant: Palika Trudeau, M.A. in Psychology, is a relationship specialist. She is both an educator and in private practice. In her work with corporations, individuals, and private couples retreats, her extensive training and background in Eastern philosophy, paired with her education in modern psychology, gives her a unique perspective and approach to human development and life transformation.

Trudeau works with an international, elite clientele, and specializes in creating sustainable, high quality relationships, helping clients quickly solve core problems and consciously create the life they want.

Her sensitivity for a variety of participant personality and learning styles, combined with years of training, consulting, and counseling experience, effectively lead others to a state of increased receptivity and make lasting behavioral and mental change possible.

Palika is passionate about her work and is a believer in “walking her talk”-knowing it’s a critical ingredient to effectively serve her clients.
Palika is a published author and features her own advice column for over 5 years in the Gainesville Today Magazine, benefiting thousands of readers.